TCR-like is the first platform that allows the physiological expression of the CAR receptor using viral vectors.

TCR-like platform represents a creative platform to the expression of any gene with activity in immunotherapy, including CAR, mimicking the natural expression of the T-cell receptor interaction.

Unlike the current CAR-T cell therapy, which increase the expression of the CAR receptor in the membrane (overexpression), producing an overstimulation and tonic signaling (activity in the absence of tumors cells) that triggers premature exhaustion and failure of CAR-T cell’s fitness, our TCR-like platform:

  1. Provides a self-control of the CAR expression after tumor encounter
  2. Prevent overstimulation
  3. Improve the fitness of the CAR-T cell therapy

This platform can generate TCR-like-CAR-T cells with moderate and high CAR-density with improved properties

Our proof-of-concept has reported significant differences in:

lack of efficacy

TCR-like provide lower levels of exhaustion, tonic signalling and activation markers in the absence of tumor cells (resting conditions)

severe toxicities

TCR-like provide lower secretion of pro-inflamatory cytokines that mediate CRS


TCR-like has provide higher specific lysis and more stem and fit phenotype. A better characteristics allow to reduce the manufacturing process of CAR-T cells