For more than thirty years, numerous immunotherapy strategies have been investigated aimed at enhancing the immune system to achieve specific antitumor effects while avoiding immune escape mechanisms. In recent years, the most promising immunotherapy has been the development of the live drug called CAR-T cells.

These modified T cells to recognize tumors more efficiently have shown great success in hematological malignancies, but there are still problems to be solved: so far they have only been used successfully for blood tumors, but around 40% of these patients do not respond satisfactorily; they have not yet been applied successfully to solid tumors, and severe side effects can also happen.

We believe that our approach can overcome the current hurdles in CAR-T cell therapy in the treatment of refractory hematological tumors and in solid tumors, where there is a large gap while reducing the number and severity of side effects through the use of our two technologies AWE® and Lent-On-Plus®.


As a technology-based company focus on R&D, our business model is to start from a proof of concept, demonstrate using pre-clinical and clinical assays its ability to improve and enhance current CAR-T cell therapies, and with these results enter into the market by selling our licences to big pharmaceutical companies.