Lentistem® Biotech is an R&D centred medical biotechnology company which designs and produces therapeutic lentiviral vectors. Our MISSION is to develop new technologies to improve the efficacy and safety of cancer immunotherapy (CAR-T cells). Our team is working in collaboration with several hospitals, academic labs and government agencies in Spain to create cost-effective and precise advanced

gene-based therapies. We also offer our expertise in lentiviral-based gene delivery systems to provide cutting-edge tools for basic research.

We have state-of-the-art facilities for molecular analysis, cell biology, small animal research and cell-culture facilities with P2-level safety standards to produce the highest grade viral vectors.


Even though CAR-T cell therapies have raised many expectations, there are still hurdles to overcome: They are effective mainly in blood tumors, but around 40% of patients do not respond; they are not effective in solid tumors; and finally, they can produce severe side effects.

At Lentistem® Biotech we want to contribute to improving current CAR-T cell therapies with our TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS. The company has exclusive license to multiple technologies, which are currently being used in 18 labs worldwide and cited in more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications


17/12/2021. «Acexhealth Investor Day» was held. The event organized by the PTS Granada Foundation as part of the «Acexhealth» business accelerator, where LentiStem was one of the finalist companies. After 4 month, our CSO, María Tristán, presented our company to potential investors.

16/12/2021. This week the IX Genyo Scientist Conference was held and our pre-doctoral students Pedro Justicia and Carlos Blanco have been able to present the results of their projects with magnificent posters.