About us

Lentistem Biotech is an R&D biotechnology company which designs and produces therapeutic lentiviral vectors.

Our MISSION is to develop new technologies to improve the efficacy and safety of cancer immunotherapy (CAR-T cells).


Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and CAR-T cell therapies has revolutioned the cancer panorama, specially for hematologic refractory tumors. However, there are still important limitations to overcome, partially related to a non-controlled potency of the CAR-T cell, which leads to increased side-effects and a premature failure of the therapy.

lack of efficacy

50% of CAR-T treated patients with leukemias and lymphomas relapsed in few years. There is no effective CAR-T therapy for solid tumors.

severe toxicities

Current CAR-T therapies has potent severe side effects such as Cytokine Release Syndrome and Neurotoxicity


CAR-T manufacturing requires a long period and it is translated into a low quality of T cells. 

At LentiStem Biotech we want to contribute to improving current CAR-T cell therapies with our TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS. Our technologies provide an optimal control of the activity of the CAR-T cells with two unique and versatile platforms.



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